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About The MSG

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About the MSG

The MSG is the Melbourne Social Guide, started by two enterprising 20-somethings with fairly diverse ethnic, culinary and professional backgrounds who come together for the love of good food, good coffee and good booze. Jess is the feisty Chinese optometrist, Alex is the jaded Russian Arts/Commerce graduate. More contributors will be added soon.

Together, the MSG will help you get the best flavour out of the wonderful city of Melbourne. Remember, just like that dodgy Chinese takeaway around the corner from your place, if you want flavour, just add MSG!

Our Ratings (all scores out of 10)

All restaurants rated on the basis of these, see below for cafe & bar rating guides:

Taste – Simple, how good does the food taste? Is this a place we’re likely to go back to because it tasted awesome? Was it just average, enjoyable, filling but ultimately not a stayer? Or was it so horrible that we had to rinse our mouth with dish water afterwards?

Authenticity – Particularly when reviewing ethnic food places it’s important to consider how authentic the food is. This may not necessarily mean the food tastes bad, for example, a beef with black bean sauce or a sweet and sour pork may rate highly on taste (let’s face it, those foods can taste pretty good if done well!) but the overall menu (if lacking in authentic options) or the dishes itself (if supposedly authentic but actually fails) may rate low on authenticity. We may not always use this category of rating if we feel it unnecessary.

Ambience – How’s the serenity, love? Do we feel like we’re in a meat-packing plant or mum’s kitchen? Is that a bad thing or a good thing? When you go here do you feel like it’s your home? Or do you feel important? Overall, how comfortable are we eating, sitting and chilling here?

Service – You get what you pay for when it comes to service, obviously expectations will be higher of Jacques Reymond than they will be of China Bar, but good service goes a long long way.

Value – That kebab tastes pretty damn good for $6 but at $25? Probably not so much. Value is key, you pay hundreds to fine dine and come away feeling like your money was well spent but can titter for hours over an overpriced chicken rice.

Overall – At the end of the day, was this place awesome? Or was it like… not so awesome? Overall ratings do not have to add up to previous ratings, nor do they have to average out or anything. It’s just our gut.

All cafes will include a separate Coffee rating that will be separate from food and will usually encompass the overall taste of the coffee across the menu items that we tried (eg. espresso, milk drinks, filter coffee). Good latte art earns a bonus because we like pretty things.

On comments:

The MSG and its writers and contributors are in no way responsible for opinions expressed by commenters on any part of the website though we will moderate the comments as much as we can. We like respectful dialogue here at The MSG so please keep it respectful, abuse will be deleted. If you should feel the need to abuse us or if you should want to contact us for some other reason, please feel free to send us an email at: yayMSG[at]gmail[dot]com.


Written by alexlobov

February 12, 2010 at 9:08 am

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  1. I like the site guts, i hope we get to have you again at ba ba lu bar, please let us know when you ar ecomming i would love to catch up


    PS at the moment crays are in season, char grilled with garlic, chilli and olive oil

    sacha meier

    March 4, 2010 at 10:12 am

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