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Cafe Vue @ Heide

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7 Templestowe Road
Phone: 03 9852 2346


Day: Tues-Fri 10am-5pm,  Sat-Sun 9am-5pm
Dinner:                      Thurs-Sat 6pm-9pm

Catching up with the lovely ladies, we decided to try the latest addition to the Vue family –  Cafe Vue @ Heide, the museum of Modern Art, tucked away in the eastern suburbs.

We opted for the Menu du jour which gives 2 courses $35, or 3 courses $45.

(We didn’t actually have a choice – we booked a table, booking ensures you have to order the menu du jour. If you take your chances and just rock up, then you can order a la carte from the cafe menu, which is a little more inexpensive).

The three of us decided to go entree + main, and bypass dessert.

Menu du jour for July was a entree choice of

Pearl Barley Risotto

duck and pistachio terrine

The risotto was perhaps a little too ‘al dente’ for my liking, but that’s more my preference than the way it was cooked. It tasted fine, however a little too ‘healthy’ for my liking, like brown rice.

The duck and pistachio terrine looked fantastic, the flavours were good but lacked depth in flavour.

For mains, choices were the

skate salad

which was slices of tender skate  served ontop of mousselines of pomme purree, roasted baby beetroot, fennel, olive oil, fennel and capers

lamb ragu with pappardelle

The skate was cooked to perfection, with generous slices of tender fish. However, although this dish had nice clean piquant flavours, witch each individual component being perfectly cooked, this dish lacked a certain ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’. It looked amazing, texturally it was perfect, with the nice bite from the skate, the crunch from the fennel, the tender beets  and the perfectly smooth pomme purree, however it just didn’t wow me.

Similarly with the ragu. The pasta ribbons were cooked to perfection, the dish again looked amazing, but it lacked depth of flavour. The sauce was slightly watery.

Having said that, it was overall a very pleasant experience. The cafe is charming, with big open windows, the crockery delightful and the service was faultless. The food is by no means bad, but it just lacked a ‘robust-ness.’ Definitely keen to return and see what else they have on offer, and also to have the famed Café Vue Lunch Box.

Jess’ Ratings

Taste: 6. The flavours were almost there. It just needed to go to the next level.

Value: 6.5. $35 is a tad pricey considering the standard of the food. However, the ingredients used were of excellent quality. The cafe brunch menu is excellent value though.

Service: 8.  No problems with this.

Atmosphere: 8. A great place to spend a lazy weekend afternoon.

Overall: 7. I’ve been to the other Cafe Vues and have been more impressed with the food. I’m just going to put it down to the menu not suiting my taste. Definitely will return.

Written by glutamatejess

August 12, 2010 at 12:22 am