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The Grand Hotel, Richmond

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The Grand Hotel
333 Burnley Street, Richmond
(03) 9429 2530




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MS and I decided to check out one of the gastropubs in Melbourne. Gone are the days where a pub meal meant poor produce fried, deep fried or refried then dished out onto plates masquerading as ‘food.’ Gastropubs are spotted throughout Melbourne, with good food made well and a focus on quality produce.

The Grand Hotel is a prime example of a gastropub, a simple dining room. Located in the sleepy end of Burnley street, from the outside it appears unassuming but walk inside, and it’s really quite charming.  Whilst the Lounge Bar may appear a bit dated, the beer garden out the back is really quite pretty.

This review is of the Dining Room, the little side room next to the bar.

We ate;

Roast Duck served with a spelt, barley and cherry salad and an orange and juniper berry sauce $33.50

which was nice, quite flavoursome, the cherries did little to add to the dish except make it visually more attractive. I love duck, and whilst this dish was quite good, I haven’t had much duck that the Chinese didn’t make better.

Pot-Roasted Veal With white wine and sage, served with silverbeet and parmesan - $32.50

which was nice, with restrained mild flavours, but had a nice texture, but Alex wasn’t overally impressed.

Alex: It was a solid dish and executed well but this sort of thing isn’t really my bag. I’m no expert on various cuisines but, to me, it was reminiscent of bland English and Northern European food, not high on flavour but a good hearty meal. I give it a tick on execution but just not something I would order again.

Jess’ Ratings:

Taste: 7/10. The food was good, but not stunning. Good flavours, cooked well, and serving sizes were decent.

Ambiance: 8/10. Beautiful dining room. Quiet, dim but still well-lit enough to see your food, had a nice feel to it.

Service: 9/10. Excellent. Not in your face, but very attentive. Couldn’t fault it.

Value: 7/10. Not bad, again, good serving sizes. Food was of high quality produce, though of course the dishes weren’t cheap.

Overall: 7/10. Nice experience. Didn’t blow my mind, but had little to complain about. Overall very enjoyable.

Alex’s Ratings:

I agree entirely with Jess on this one, it was an excellent but leisurely dining experience. 🙂

Written by glutamatejess

February 20, 2010 at 12:15 pm